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    Wide-Screen Presentations in PowerPoint

    by Moore Anderson

    Make your next meeting leading edge by making your PowerPoint speaker support visuals in the 16:9 "widescreen" format. There are several advantages to doing this in addition to the increased visual impact. (right click here to download a sample widescreen presentation 490k) One advantage is showing more image area in rooms with low ceiling heights. With the new brighter generation of projectors, the light intensity (measure in lumens) is still quite good even with the longer throw distance this format requires. This is coupled with an increasing availability of projection screens in the 16:9 ratio. There is more room for graphics and photos in the layout options, making the presentation more visually stimulating. Finally, there's a viewer perception that the 16:9 format represents higher production values and a more upscale presentation.

    How To Do It

    Only the page setup in PowerPoint is different. Under File/Page setup choose the following settings: 8 Inches for the Width, 4.5 Inches for Height, Orientation: Landscape.

    That is really about all there is to it. If you are converting a normally formatted presentation to the new ratio, some pictures and graphics will be stretched. You can squeeze them back with the center handle on the graphics or re-import them if size is critical. To create graphics or photos for the format full frame, use
    1000 x 562 pixels at 100 dpi; they will drop right in.

    (Graphic prepared for 16:9 widescreen)

    Moore Anderson is a professional PowerPoint designer and graphic artist and principal of The Moore Anderson Group. He also runs graphics projection for meetings for large corporate clients around the country. Check out www.mooreanderson.com for Moore information or call 847-419-1400.





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