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    10 Common PowerPoint Problems and Their Solutions

    Looking for quick answers to 10 common PowerPoint questions? Questions answered range from information you should read before you do anything in PowerPoint to problems converting your presentation to HTML.

    1. What should I do before I start playing with PowerPoint?

      Read the PowerPoint FAQs.

    2. Where can I find the latest Powerpoint viewer?

      Try this link: Download the viewer While this is the most recent viewer, it does not support features for PowerPoint 2000 or PowerPoint 2002. It is not the version that shipped with Powerpoint 2000, but a newer update.

    3. When I try to convert my presentation to HTML, it dies. How do I get around the problem?

      First, find the slide causing the problem by looking at your HTML folder. There should be a series of graphics files. If there aren't, it died on the first slide. If there are, it died on the last slide it made a file for. This doesn't always work, but when it does, it saves considerable time. Now that you know which slide is the problem, recreate that slide and delete the original one. Common problems include a graphic over the edge of the slide, a graphic that has been corrupted, and a slide that has been corrupted.

      Another option, suggested by Mark Anderson of Portsmouth, UK, is to look into Steve Rindsberg's PPT2HTML utility, which can be found at Steve's site. Mark beta tested the tool, and strongly recommends it.

    4. How can I get my presentation to always start in "Show" mode?

      Change the extension of the PowerPoint file from ".ppt" to ".pps".

    5. How can I create better handouts than those made with PowerPoint?

      Use the Send to Word feature (found under "File" -> "Send to" ->" Word"). This option will allow you to send your presentation to Word and work with it there to add headers, footers, title pages, tests, and whatever else you need. However, it is a one way transfer, not a link.

    6. I need to make a screen map or summary of my presentation slide pictures. How do I do it?

      The following is a low tech solution that requires nothing but a graphics tool and a screen shot tool.

        1. View all the slides in the slide sorter view
        2. Adjust the size of the slide (view percent in the upper left corner) until you have the size you want
        3. Screen shot each page of slides
        4. Use PaintShop Pro or other graphics tool to merge the screen shots into one picture
    7. Why does my screen go black if I stay too long on one slide while presenting?

      This is generally caused by either the energy setting or the screensaver setting being too short for presentations. I suggest you turn both of these options off while presenting to eliminate any chance of this.

    8. My PowerPoint file size suddenly just increased. Why?

      The first thing to check is: Do you have "Fast Saves" turned off? If not, turn them off, NOW! Next: Did you accidentally save your presentation as a PowerPoint 95 version? PowerPoint 95 did not have any file compression, so will increase the size. Third: Did you add graphics to the file? Were they optimized? If none of this fixes the problem, reboot the machine. If the files are still bloated, copy the slides to another file and re-save it. In this last case, you are likely to be close to a corruption problem that can be prevented, but not explained.

    9. Can more than one user update a presentation at a time?

      No. Only one person can be in a presentation at a time. If you need to have several people working on creating the same presentation, split the content into multiple files. Have each person work in one file. When everyone is done, pull everything together into one file and test that all works and looks good.

    10. Why do I get an "Out of Memory" error when I try to use the Organization Chart tool in PowerPoint 2000 or older?

      This tool has many known bugs in it. This one is caused by having too many fonts installed on your system. Too many in this case is defined as more than 500, but the problem has been known to occur on systems with as few as 200 fonts as well. If you wish to use the tool, create a folder for your fonts and move some of them there. A better option is to use the AutoShape tool and the connections that are created via those elements to create your chart by hand.






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